You Can Protect Your Country Hand Painted Mailbox From Theft and Vandalism

For shop jellybean rugs have targeted country Hand Painted Mailboxes for Friday and Saturday night batting practices. This bashing of Hand Painted Mailboxes is actually a Federal crime. Vandalism of any style is covered in united states of america Postal Service USPS regulations Title United States Code Section . The section states Whoever willfully or maliciously injures tears down or destroys any letter box or other receptacle intended or used for your receipt or delivery of mail or breaks open the same.shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years.

Hand Painted Mailbox bashing alone is not the only crime country Hand Painted Mailbox users suffer. Clearly crimes involving Hand Painted Mailboxes fall into two categories Mail Theft and Hand-painted Mailbox Vandalism. Anyone caught violating a Hand Painted Mailbox or stealing mail has committed a misconduct. It does not matter that the basher or thief had suggestive of the stolen mail to commit identity theft. That intention is assumed and prosecution ensues. The most feasible solution is to install a heavy duty steel locking Hand Painted Mailbox.

Impenetrable locking Hand Painted Mailboxes are as strong as Fort Knox. Once they were tested against all other locking Hand Painted Mailboxes available today these high performance steel locking Hand Painted Mailboxes exceeded all additional. Tests included being dragged feet by a dump truck having a stick of TNT inserted through the mail slot and being struck by boulders baseball bats and pumpkins. Eating habits study of such insults were that the Hand Painted Mailboxes remained intact while mail was turned to ashes so it wouldn’t be stolen! pumpkin pudding and broken bats lay on the ground beside the surviving Hand Painted Mail boxes.

With the right locking Hand Painted Mailbox you count yourself free from ever having concerns about bashing or theft. Look at place the USPS Label warning sticker of their Hand Painted Mailboxes. The sticker is designed to deter vandals and thieves. A person encouraged by law enforcement and the USPS Investigative Service to report any suspicious activity you notice in your neighborhood. If you can give them permission plate number of any vehicle you witness like an used by criminals you are giving information that may help lead to conviction.

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