The medicine and the prayer by Richard Roberts

Hello, everybody. Welcome to city of religion HealthCare Center. We have been doing our program this week out in front of the city of Faith and behind me you can see the lovely hands, the healing hands the one hand representing the hand of prayer, the other hand representing the prayer er the uh. Come on, Richard, talk. The Bible says,’The prayer of faith shall save the sick person and the Lord will raise him set up.’ God put his stamp of approval on prayer. The Bible also claims,’They tend to be sick need a healthcare doctor.’

God put his stamp of approval on medical science. And here at the city of religion they are being joined together and I’ll tell you, town of faith is a region where miracles are at rock bottom every day. I’m excited, particularly to be out here in this stunning Oklahoma sun and it isn’t even too gusty now a days. But who knows The wind may pick up before this program is over. My guest stars today are Dr. Charles Allen that been the minister, the senior minister, at first United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas, He’s’s fertile author and he’s’s written more than books and even one of the best bible bashers known in this country.

Charles Allen. And buy etizolam online has returned with us today. And my pop, Oral Roberts, is a guest on our program today. He’s had me on his program for some years and therefore can turn that around today and he is going always be with us in a few minutes. Lindsay is also around on the program today and I’m expecting something good to happen you r. But before we sing this song, I need to say to you this. The abounding Life Prayer Group is working now prepared to obtain your call, your prayer requests, and to offer up praying.

And when they pray, they’ll send your requests to me and I’ll hold your name but your desires before god and I will pray and Let me write you ago. So a little time during this program pick up your telephone and call area code on. They are on duty over at the abounding Life Prayer Group and way back in the TV studio, they’re there. Yet there now. About Richard Roberts Richard Roberts is men on fire for God and filled up with the compassion of the Lord Jesus Christ for sick and hurting folk.

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