Surgical Tooth Extractions: What to Know

If you want your teeth to be as beautiful and healthy as possible, you may want to schedule an appointment with your dentist about preserving your teeth. In some cases, though, a tooth will need to be removed if you want to maintain your oral health.

Some of the teeth in your mouth can be removed easily while others require a bit more care and precision. So, why can’t a dentist save every tooth and why is surgery required for some extractions?

Why can’t the dentist save my tooth?

When it concerns tooth extraction spokane valley patients may wonder why a tooth cannot be saved. Oftentimes, teeth cannot be saved due to extreme trauma or disease. Crowding can also cause problems, as teeth do not have enough room to properly grow and fit into the mouth. Periodontal disease can also cause problems if the bone tissue starts to deteriorate, loosening teeth.

Simple vs. Surgical

Surgical extractions are more common than simple extractions, so there is nothing to fear when your dentist mentions a surgical extraction. When the tooth can be removed using forceps, it is a simple extraction. However, when the gum tissues must be removed to extract the tooth, a surgical extraction is necessary. Stitches are often involved in surgical tooth removals, making it easier for the tissues to heal.

Why do I need a surgical extraction?

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Dentists look at your tooth structure before determining which type of procedure will need to be performed. Wisdom teeth, severely broken teeth, root tips, and teeth that have curved roots will often need to be surgically removed. Simple extractions can also turn into surgical extractions if the tooth breaks.

If you are experiencing dental issues and would like to learn about your oral health as well as tooth extractions, schedule an appointment to speak with a dental professional today.

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